My name is Maddie and I live in chesterfield, england.  I have twin boys and work part time in IT support.  My hobbies include playing guitar – both electric and acoustic, kickboxing and other exercise, reading and of course making miniatures!



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  1. Stephen Says:

    Hi Maddie,
    What you’ve done is amazing! I think it’s fantastic!

    I’d love to reproduce some of your pictures on my fansite http://www.thehobbitmovie.co.uk and also find out how you’re getting on with your new project.

    Please could you contact me via email as I know the members of our fansite would love to hear about this!!

    Thanks, and have a good day,


  2. Martine Both Says:

    Dear Maddie,
    We publish the dutch edition of The Complete Tolkien Companion, the Who is who (and What is what) of Middle Earth. Looking for an attractive cover of the book I came upon your Hobbit Hole. The photo of the front entrance would make a really great cover. I am therefore asking your permission to use this photo on the cover of the Tolkien Lexicon (dutch title). The book will be published in november of this year. Could you e-mail me, to talk about this and the possible use of photo’s of the interior, and about your fee. Kind regards, Martine Both

  3. Lisa Wymore Haarmann Says:

    Hi Maddie, My daughter Jennifer would like to recreate your hobbit house for a project for her gifted class. If we could please share the size of the base and the size of each room to get her started please. We all just love the pictures and are excited about this project for her. She has already started making things. I hope you will help us out. Thanks so much for sharing this beautifully done project! My e-mail is rlsjhaarmann@aol.com. blessings and hugs, Lisa

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hiya – sorry I do not have any exact measurements for you as it has gone to The Proudfoot Foundation in Australia. It is 4 foot square though so it will be pretty easy for you to just divide that into rooms.

      • Lisa Haarmann Says:

        Thank you so much. That will get us started! Again thank you! Hugs and Blessings, Lisa

  4. Jake Rusby Says:

    Hi Maddie
    I am a feature writer based down in Portsmouth. I remember when you had a lot of publicity last year about your Bag End creation.
    I wanted to get in touch to see if you had done anything else Hobbit-related since? I thought with everyone (including me) getting very excited about The Hobbit film it’d be a good time to do a follow-up!
    What do you think? Even if you have not done anything new I reckon there still may be an update in there somewhere 🙂
    Do you think you could give me a ring to discuss? I am on 02392 820311. Else just drop me an email at jake.rusby@mynewsagency.co.uk

  5. Claire Packer Says:

    Hi Maddie, I don’t think there is any other word to describe your Bag End than wow! It is stunning. You have a great eye for detail and must have a lot of patience too!

    I hope the Prancing Pony is going well 🙂

  6. Mercedes Says:

    Wow 🙂 i was searching for images of Bag End for a school art project and stumbled upon your blog. so happy i did!! you’re so talented!! Your details are amazing. I’ve been perusing these images for about 20 minutes now with my sister…i think i’ve found a new “me time” project 🙂 i would love to make dollhouses if i had the time in my day; thus, i shall now MAKE time for it 🙂
    Keep Up The Great Work!!
    -Mercedes :))

  7. Steve Doyle Says:

    Hi Maddie,

    I stumbled upon your blog by accident whilst surfing around looking for Tolkien related things. I’m a lifelong fan of the Professor’s work having caught the hobbit bug in my early teens back in the 70s. I spent ages looking at your pics only to discover that you live in Chesterfield like me. My family and I live at the top of Ashgate Road and my kids go to Brookfield School and Old Hall School. Chesterfield and the surrounding countryside particularly out towards Matlock always strike me as being very like the Shire!

    Anyway, congratulations on your amazing achievement – can’t wait to see how the Prancing Pony is coming along.



    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      HI Steve

      wow small world!! hobbit sized in fact lol
      We are soooo lucky aren’t we living in Derbyshire. My favourite place in the world is Winnats Pass at Castleton – in fact everywhere near us looks quite like middle earth I think 🙂
      Prancing Pony at a bit of a stand still (my kids have decided that sleep is no longer for them!!) so not finding much spare time at the moment.

      anyway thanks for great comments

  8. Cheryl Stauffer Says:


    Congratulations on completing such a massive project!

    I am a journalist who lives in France. I write for a publisher of
    English-language magazines for French people. Each issue of our basic level magazine, English Now (www.englishnow.fr), features interviews with interesting people.

    I saw an article about your project on another blog and think that it would interest our readers. I would like to request a short interview about your farm. The completed article will run as a 2-page spread, left page in English, right page in French, for a total of about 450 words. If you are up for the interview, let me know and I will send you the questions right away.

    As well as the answers to the questions, the other thing I will need from you are 8-10 high resolution (around 1 megabyte each) digital photos of you and your work (with 1-2 of those being a nice head shot of the person being interviewed). I look forward to hearing back from you and hope we have the opportunity to feature you in our magazine.

    Don’t hesitate to email me if you have any questions. Thanks for your time.

    Cheryl Stauffer

    Editions Entrefilet

    English Now

    J’apprends l’anglais

  9. elaine Says:

    dear maddie,

    i love your hobbit house! i want you to know that there is a fabulous product from new zealand called darjit. go to darjit.com and be inspired. it can be used to make more of your lovely hobbit houses with curves. the frame would be made of some type of wire armature. it is fun to work with. i’ve only used it once to make a birdbath, but the possibilities are endless.

    have fun,

  10. L Birch Says:

    Maddie, a diehard LOTR fan, and just speechless at your creation. I used to make doll houses, but often bought furniture etc. I am so impressed to your attention to the details that do matter to make this piece authentic. The rug, the maps etc. To me what is most impressive is to do this type of work with a deadline. It is much easier to have projects go on for years and years but my hat off to you for this being a well deserved A on your project. From a fellow Brit!!!!

  11. Mo Jiwa Says:

    Maddie… I’m completely speechless. You make me want to leave my job in IT Support to stay home and build something epic.
    You are incredible! I can’t believe you did this… You have become my inspiration to be more creative! 🙂
    Thank you!

  12. Dennis Says:

    Hello Maddie.. I am a HUGE LOTR fan myself and all i can say is WOW WOW WOW WOW… i am mezmerized by this thing OMG .. are you still lookig for the pink foam? if you are email me .. Me and the wife just might be able to help you out with that ok ? =)

    Best regards
    Dennis and Chellee..

    P.S one again WOW =)

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Dennis and Chellee

      Thanks so much for the lovely comment. At the moment I do not need any pink foam as I am working on The Prancing Pony inn and it is just wood based (no hill to mould!) I may very well need some when I have finished that though so will keep you in mind!


      • Dennis Says:

        OK Maddie let us know if you need any we can get it by the giant sheet 1/2 inch 1 inch and 2 inch its sold here locally in wisconsin at every home improvement store.. Would be glad to send you as much as you need =)


  13. MiniatureAllsorts Says:

    Hi Maddie – your house is truly a work of art. Would you mind if I shared one of your photos and added a link to it on my blog? Kind regards, Allison

  14. Chris Gooderham Says:

    by the way would you mind if I linked to you on my website?


  15. Chris Gooderham Says:

    Epic Model!!!! The best lotr themed model I have ever seen, you really are a genius!!!!!!

    well done



  16. Chris Gooderham Says:

    Hello There,
    You Bag end is the best lotr themed model I have ever seen, you really are a true fan! I make some Lotr models from time to time (nothing as good as yours) And I am also making a Lord of the Rings Fan film and I know how much work goes into these things. I love how arcurately detailed it is, I wish I could shrink and live in there lol, the fod looks amazing too. Overall well done and would you mind if I put a link to you on my website?

    -Chris 😉

  17. Kris Says:

    I love your Bag End. It is great. I have wanted to do one myself and you have given me inspiration. Maybe I’ll get started now.
    You mentioned high density foam in your article and I wonder if it is insulation foarm. I am in the US so it may be different but it comes in pink or blue or yellow and is used to insulate real houses. Our miniature club has used it for a mini house though and covered it with joint compound or paperclay. It is great and very light weight and you can carve it into whatever shape you need. You would find it at a home improvement store. They must have similar stuff in the UK.
    Good luck.

  18. James Nye Says:

    Hello there

    My name is James Nye and I am a journalist with a UK press agency called Barcroft Media

    I love stories such as your and was wondering whether you would like to work with me to put together an article on how you built this.

    It would require pictures of Bag End and an interview with yourself.

    If this is something that you are interested in then please contact me at james.nye @barcroftmedia.com

    I think this would do very well in the UK press and I would love to offer you 50 percent of the profits

    Is this cool?

  19. Janice Alexander Says:

    Your Hobbit Hole is amazing, my 8 year old granddaughter and I are just beginning a Doll House. Maybe some day we will be 1/8th as good a you. Thanks alot.
    Janice and Kiyosha Alexander

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