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I live in Chesterfield England and currently work part-time in IT support (gave up working full time after I had twin boys in 2007)

I play guitar (acoustic and electric) and my favourite music is rock music – Guns N Roses, Metallica, Stone Sour, Incubus etc.  I also love the exercise classes I go to – Kickboxing, Body Combat, Zumba etc

Here is a link to my other projects )


You can follow me on Twitter @maddsrocks   https://twitter.com/maddsrocks

If you like the game Clash of Clans, join me in the clan I am a member of – Nexus Prime great clan, friendly members and well worth joining!

and a couple of  pictures of me 🙂

Pirate costume for a fancy dress party 🙂


42 Responses to “About me & other projects”

  1. Barbara D'Angelo Says:

    I am a long time Hobbet and LOTR fan, they have all been read and listened to from audio books hundreds of times. I love the detail of your hobbit hole, the pictures exude richness and the essence of what a hobbit hole should be. A long process to be sure but a wonderful journey to there and back!

  2. Sublime Art Says:

    definitely enjoyed coming across your site

  3. Marianne Says:

    This looks really amazing!! You’ve inspired me to try and make one. I’m trying to make a smaller version, but I’m struggeling with the sizes/scale. May I ask, what is the diameter of your front door of the hobbit hole? 🙂

  4. tanya ussery Says:

    OMG, TAKE MY MONEY! TAKE MY MONEY! Lol I absolutely LOVE miniatures, and I love LOTR, especially the Shire! This is the BEST miniature ANYTHING I have ever seen 🙂 Your talent is amazing!!

  5. Cami Holonge Says:

    Absolutely wonderful, such attention to detail. just amazing. You are a wonder! Well done!!

  6. Eileen Says:

    You Rock Girl Amazing work!!!

  7. kat Says:

    Some people just don’t understand why we do what we do, but i love your Hobbit home, so detailed and the time , you know you really ought to find a way to mass produce them and sell them , i too am a great artist, i am in my 60s and i am preparing to build and autuall Hobbit home , do bue prints now, starting in the soring, i want to sleep and eat in one make it a side home we have 43 acres in hilly woooded area so it will be fun , I am making the footer on wheels becaue our code said unless it can be moved you can build it or it has to be code and there is no code for hobbit hose , so there will be a frame of wheels under mine but i will never move it epsecially if its half buried lol , you can see my art at http://myplace.frontier.com/~katcarving/woodchainsawcarvingsbykatbutler/

  8. Tajuana Weaver Says:

    Hello. I love hobbit it I am deaf.. So like both wish it. But like that beauty .huh.. Blessing

  9. Don Says:

    Amazing work, stumbled across this while looking for photos as reference for a birthday cake. Your modelling skills are amazing, very VERY impressive work!

  10. Mary W Says:

    I want to be you when I grow up…LOL! Way cool! I have neither the patience nor talent to do something like this…this is awesome!

  11. Talise Says:

    Oh my goodness your work is AWESOME!!! It is so cool how you make nearly everything, all the way down to little details like food! I especially love the tree house, it is so amazing! I also love making dolls houses but never as amazing as these… maybe one day;) Keep it up I’m impressed, it must be so much fun:) I’d love to come see them in person someday!!

  12. Micu Bogdan Says:

    HI Maddie

    This is just an incredible work.
    I use to look at some picture on google images and i was 100% sure that the entrance of the house was actually of a full size one.
    You wrote in the text that it can be hire. What are the conditions?
    I ask because we will start a project in 2015 to build a few real hobbit houses and this could fit for the community to see what they have to do:)

  13. ~JL Says:

    Great project! I have been looking all over, Rik Pierce is a great builder of miniatures as well and has a hobbit hole home over at frogmorton.com
    I am wanting to build a even smaller one for my sister who is a big Hobbit fan, for a coffee table or perhaps the base for a table lamp. Beautiful work. You can always use construction foam as well and just layer it then cut to sculpt shape.

  14. Jane Says:

    I am also making a hobbit hole for an English project on the hobbit.. its gonna be cardboard and paper so i highly doubt it’ll be ANYTHING like this. I sincerely applaud you. May your hair never fall.

  15. Warren Bonesteel Says:

    It is a marvel and a masterpiece of the miniature art form! Well done!

    (‘Though it doesn’t match the floor plan by either J.R.R. Tolkien or of the movie.)

  16. anita angiolini Says:

    very beautiful! do you sell your work? where?

  17. Maya Says:

    I just discovered your work via a friend who passed your Brambley Hedge blog on to me. I am also a HUGE Hobbit/LOTR fan, you capture the details and the magical essence of these places to perfection! Thank you for your work!

  18. Sniggy Says:

    Truly Impresses! Its just perfect!

  19. Heather Says:

    It is a beautiful house! Great job.

  20. Katarzyna Says:

    absolutely amazing Maddie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kasia from Poland

  21. janet davies Says:

    Loved looking through here — just fascinated with all you did and how wonderful it is —- you mention foam — here in America we have a insulating product that is in a spray can – called _ GREAT STUFF – it is used to spray around a house area to block drafts in nooks and crannies where the air leaks through — it is the same yellow color — there are two other types – the yellow expands so in a tight area it may ‘blow out ‘ holes or put pressure where you don’t want it — the others have a fill space and then stop expanding —
    This is the website to the page from DOW corp – it shows the other products as well —- hope it helps looking forward to any other projects you do –

  22. martin Says:

    very very nice excelent

  23. Suzanne Says:

    I have throughly enjoyed looking at all your pictures! You are so very very talented. I am envious!

  24. Ioene Anne Lowndes Davidson Says:

    Since “The Hobbit” has just arrived in our local Theatre in Canada, I am looking forward to seeing the movie and seeing how well you have replicated the house! You have a fabulous talent which equals the talent of my friend Bonnie. (She made a Mouse’s Christmas with a tree for the Festival of Trees.) I could only wish I had half your talent whilst making toys for my Early Childhood Education Diploma!
    You did ace your assignment by the way?
    Thanks for taking the time to post this for the world to see.. Hi to your wee boys!
    Ioene Davidson, Kingston, Ontario, Canada

  25. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    I am your # 1 fan,for your great work and talent,you’re amazing,I wish I would have your talent,but unfortunatelly I don’t,my talent it’s to sing.

  26. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    The Lord Of The Rings,and The Hobbits:Unexpected Journey,are 2 of my favorite movies,I love movies about hobbits,smurfs,and gobblins.

  27. Roxana Ica Suteu Says:

    Wow!,you really surprised me,cuz I tought that you didn’t make the Hobbits house yet,just now I saw that you’ve already make it,you are amazing.

  28. Jean-Claude Weissgerber Says:

    Je suis un fan inconsidéré de Tolkien et du monde qu’il a créé. Mais là je suis scotché par cette réalisation. Tout simplement PHENOMENAL ! Ne t’arrête surtout pas là… j’en veux encore, rien que pour mes yeux. Bravo !

  29. Thierry Says:

    tout simplement magnifique!

  30. Barbara Atkinson Says:

    I’m a big fan of “Lord of the Rings” … books and movie… and your model is fabulous!! I love every part… the pantry is particularly nice!

  31. Lynne Sperrin Says:

    absolutely amazing Maddie!!!

  32. Destiny Says:

    Hi, I’ve finished reading “The Hobbit” recently and now I have a 3D project to do that has to be about 2-3ft and it has to hang from the ceiling. I was thinking of making a mini version of smaug’s lair. any ideas? I don’t know what to do! Especially having it hang from the ceiling, but I’m worried my project might be too heavy and it will fall. Please help, it’s due this week!

  33. EduGB Says:

    I was impressed with the dollhouse of “The Lord of the Rings”, specifically the home of Bilbo Baggins ….. I am passionate about the dioramas and take time thinking about making a diorama of the same subject …….. my sincere congratulations because you have been great ……..

  34. Laura Becker Says:

    Thanks from an American Hobbit fan. I too read the Hobbit and Trilogy every year in October. Very good hibernation month read. I love your house! Don’t worry about the curmudgeons who don’t like your walls! They are just jealous of your artistic talents and would never do this project themselves!
    I am curious how much this cost to make. (Hope it is not rude to ask.) Laura

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Laura thanks for the lovely comments. I actually have no idea how much it cost to make – everything I bought was spread over 11 months and I didn’t write it all down – one of my regrets! On my latest project (mouse house) I wrote a list of all the costs to keep track! I can tell you that the flooring was the most expensive bit and the wooden wall panelling oh and the lighting – probably all that alone cost about $250

  35. mia Says:

    Great, wonderful work!! All the best from us!

  36. emma Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work. Its made my day…..your imagination is a wonderful thing….and my imagination wishes I could live in human size versions of your creations 🙂 Have a creative day 🙂

  37. Goofy Jonesey (@goofyjonesey) Says:

    holy cow! your work is amazing. thanks for sharing!

  38. Justine Says:


  39. elke wollersheim Says:

    you are just amazing…

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