How I made the Hobbit Hole

Here are some photographs documenting the creation of my Miniature Bag End from when I started in March 2009

the very first piece of wood that I cut! (ok I later scrapped it, but still!) you can also see a bit of the wood panelling that I made myself.  HUGE thanks to my partner Graham who taught me how to use power tools lol.  He also helped me with advice on measurements etc and put up without a dining room table for months on end.  Graham is a VERY tidy person so he deserves a medal for allowing me to have hobbit stuff everywhere!!!

the first frame that I made.  I decided after I had got to this stage that the walls were too thin (3mm) so put this model above in the bin and started all over again and added another room!!!!!!

The new frame – if you look closely you can see I already had made the front door – this was one of the first things I made and why the varnish doesn’t quite match the colour of the wood panelling I later settled on! another thing I have learnt to live with for now

I tried 3 different sorts of wood panelling and varnish before I settled on mahogany.  And I am still not 100% happy with it because it is darker than the wood in the movie.  The panelling above got ripped out several times and I even made my own wood panels (see top photograph) but it was a nightmare trying to cut circles in it because the wood was too brittle.  I met a really helpful guy at Miniatura show who sells tudor panelling in mahogany wood so I ended up buying and using that for the house – it looks good and was sturdy enough to cut circles out of to go round the door frames.

Starting the tiling in the hallway.  It is great during this project I learnt carpentry, electric wiring, flooring, grouting and all sorts (but all in miniature so not much use in my own home!)

More flooring laid – the stone was the hardest because the pieces are not even sizes so trying to get them fitted into the space was not easy for my ‘girl’ brain

starting the panelling above – I fitted skirting board, then panelling above that then the handrail above the panels

close up of the panels and stained glass windows

start of the front wall using mini bricks, concrete filler stuff and paint

close up of living room window.  This window and the windows in the hall are a direct copy (well as close as I could make) of the actual windows in the movie.  The others are mostly improvised from my own imagination.  This window opens and closes with the tiny hinges and is made out of perspex, thin wood which I varnished and black leading

making the fireplace for the bathroom – using rocks from my back garden, glue and cement

I added wall wooden beams – I cut them to size and wittled them down a bit at the sides to look more aged then varnished them.

inside coming together a bit more

the outside!  Thankyou very much to my friend Andi who got me some foam to build the outside structure.  You would not believe how difficult that stuff is to get hold of.  I have a ‘making wargames scenery’ book by Games Workshop and in it it tells you to make structures out of this ‘high density foam’ and cover in polyfiller.  Well I called every games workshop in the area and only one shop told me where to get it – B&Q.  I called them and asked for ‘high density foam’ the line went quiet and they hand’t got a clue what I was talking about.  if you google it, the closest match I could find was ‘blue or pink foam’ and NOWHERE sells large quantities of it.  If anyone knows where to get it, please let me know for my next project!  I found one company that supplied it for the insides of childrens soft play areas but it cost £200 for a small amount – er no.  I resorted to wire, modroc and filler for the large areas

starting to lay grass and paving

front door before flowers etc.  I used different shades of grass and graduated them to create the ‘scorched’ grass effect around the stepping stones

I fitted all the wiring for the lights at this stage – many thanks to the lovely people at Matlock Miniatures who advised me what sort to buy and how many transformers etc I needed!

I built the steps with stones from my garden

some mini bread I made out of Fimo – hard to tell how big they are from this pic but the round ones are about the size of my thumbnail (penny size)

a table of food that I made

I made some fimo pumpkins for halloween – complete with mini light.  The idea for this came from a guy called Dean Miskelly hubby of Amy who uses the same twins club as I do ( I was calling them to try and sort a pc problem for them (which by the way I didn’t manage to do!) but I did get the great idea of pumpkin with light in it so not a complete waste of a phone call lol

the process of making trees and flowers – I took the wire on the left, bent it into the shape in the middle and added the foliage on the right! oh and made some tiny flowers out of tiny petals cut out with a heart shaped punch and glued to strands of wire

Click the link below to see the finished house or my general blog with next project:          


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  4. Waldomiro F. Silva Filho Says:

    Olá, Maddie. Totalmente incrível! Você é uma pessoa iluminada! Ass.: Miro (Brasil)

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    Absolutely stunning. I am in awe!

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  8. Christine Peart Says:

    Wow! This is amazing! Stunning miniature work, love all the details you incorporated. I came across it researching a hobbit hole cake I’m making for my son, your images are going to help so much. The thing is I only have a week to make it from sugarpaste and I want to get as much detail in as I can. Just doing the outside (obviously the inside will be all cake), so I’m off to get stuck in! 🙂

  9. Domek Hobbita/Hobbit’s Hole | domekdlalalek Says:

    […] A jeśli bardziej interesuje was proces tworzenia, kliknijcie w ten link. […]

  10. mike bruce is a angry elf Says:

    I love what you guys are usually up too. This kind
    of clever work and exposure! Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve you guys
    to my blogroll.

  11. algeria Says:

    This is such a cool project. You should have your own TV/ net TV show showing people how to do this.

    Wow, thanks for sharing you talent with us

  12. Elena Says:

    Great, excellent!!!

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    […]  I do, however, seem to have ample time to admire other people’s projects, such as Madshobbithole, which documents how Maddie, a lady in Chesterfield, England put together the most badass Bag End […]

  14. owais alam Says:

    This is really very awesome.
    I.want to buy one..
    Pls.pls.pls…and tell me the price?
    Waiting desperately

  15. Paisley Says:

    Hi Maddie – Nearly 50 years now since I first read the Hobbit, and Tolkien’s work has been a part of my life ever since. I was privileged to see your Bag End in real life last weekend when the Brisbane Tolkien Fellowship displayed it at Supanova (popular culture expo). As a miniature enthusiast I was amazed and delighted when I came across it, certainly wasn’t expecting to see something quite like this among the crowds of gamers and cosplayers. Spent quite some time mesmerised by the structure and the many details you managed to incorporate, plus had a lovely chat with ‘Gandalf’ who was overseeing the booth. Am inspired to get to work and put some of my own hoarded mini-supplies to use with a Middle-Earth/Shire themed project. Thank you for sharing the story of your creation.

  16. Michifer (@michiferangst) Says:

    This is fantastic. All those adorable little details. You are very talented. *geeking hard*

  17. SpiralightCostume Says:

    What was/is your favourite piece from this entire project?
    Im a huge fan of the little lettuces ❤ ❤

  18. singlewolf Says:

    Thank you for sharing your talents!! This is MOST amazing and appreciated!! I only WISH I were as talented!!! Sad that you don’t have it and sadder still it’s not located locally here in the USA… would LOVE to be able to actually see this!!!!!

  19. Vivian Says:

    Unreal, you are a truly talented lady, puts my dollshouse efforts in the shade!!! So detailed and just exquisite. Thank you for putting a smile on my face.

  20. Brenda Says:

    I am in love. You are a wonderful, talented woman. Thank you for sharing your amazing creation. God Bless You and Yours!

  21. Alex Says:

    I love your work!! It is sooo beautiful and amazing.:D After admiring your work it made me want to make my own. Won’t be as amazing as yours but you make it look so fun to do! 🙂

  22. Edwin Bruce Says:

    Hi from Texas! I haved loved Tolkien for over 30 years and your Bag End is absolutely incredible! Your technique is amazing (I too painted some minatures in my time… But nothing like your skill!) I hope to use your work as inspiration to try a Rivendale fairy garden for my daughter. Thanks for sharing all of it!

  23. zoe Says:

    LOVE it amazing! thanks for the inspiration and ideas much appreciated

  24. Lainie Says:

    Thank you for sharing your beautiful work! I fell in love with your interpretation of Bag End, and my husband was blown away. He ooohed and aaaahed like a small boy. You’ve created magic. Thank you!

  25. Jonatan Florén Says:

    amazing building!
    If you with “high density foam” meant the yellowish stuff on the roof – then it’s some kind of insulation foam or joint foam which carpenters etc. uses for filling smal holes in windowtrims and walls. Pardon my English, I’m no native speaker really…

  26. Trillian Says:

    Absolutely wonderful and inspiring! I love all the small details. The best miniature house I’ve ever seen!

  27. Sarah Says:

    Hello please can you tell me what scall you made this please 1/12 , 1/16 or 1/24 ? Thank you look forward to hearing from you xx

  28. Kelley Goff Says:

    This is amazing..I am a definite LOTR geek from about the age of 9..The movies are a constant in my DVD player. My mother and stepfather have recently gotten into miniatures and I plan to start soon. We talked about doing a hobbit house, but I must say I am a mite intimidated now 🙂 Amazing beautiful work Mads. Props to you

  29. FanLit Says:

    We’ve mentioned your amazing project in a post on our website and used a small version of one of your images (which links to your blog). Please let us know if this is not acceptable.

  30. Pigeon Heart Says:

    Fabulous! So very inspiring!!

  31. Travis Normand Says:

    Why are these posts about your projects NOT on the front page of They should be! Great work…

  32. Nelly Angeltcheva Says:

    <3<3<3 love it!!!!

  33. June Says:

    I am completely and utterly blown away by your talent, your skills, your wonderful attention to detail and the incredible beauty of this. I’ve done a bit of miniature crafting (general stores, haunted houses) but nothing – absolutely nothing on the incredible level of talent that you have created here. Absolutely mind-bogglingly beautiful, inspiring, wonderful. It just takes my breath away. I just want to live there! Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us and with the world. This world of ours – as Tolkien himself expressed in biographies, in his letters, and indeed, in all the incredible and wonderful books he wrote – needs more beauty. You have contributed to that beauty. I know if he were alive today, he’d be thanking you himself, personally. What you have created – or recreated – is THAT special, and THAT wonderful. – June in Ireland

  34. Michael S Says:

    Crap! I thought I was really awesome at model making. Now I think I might be just average. Really incredible! What did you use for the intricate door hardware on the front door? As the father of twins, I cant imagine where you found enough time to do this. I’m going to go imagine myself curled up in front of your (bilbo’s) fireplace. Awesome!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Michael – thanks a lot! Do you mean the wrought iron work? if so, I used stained glass window lead in a tube (can be bought at craft shops) I honestly just worked at it a few hours a night when I got chance – as you know during the days, free time does not exist with twins lol

  35. Domenico Says:

    Hi!!! My nome is Domenico, i’m 19, i’m from Italy and i think that your work is fantastic!
    Also I’m doing a job similarity, but unfortunately I am not able to realize a convincing grass!! I did multitude of tests but I can not make it in any way.. Can you tell me how you did yours grass?? And with what materials? maybe if you have any website where you have been inspired, in short, everything that you can give me!
    Thank you soo much!!!

  36. Annie (@IEatLuckyCharms) Says:

    You are completely inspiring. this is beautiful. I love it so much. The detail, your talent : breathtaking.

    This is the best thing I’ve seen all year.
    You are my idol now. Fuck Avengers, You are the coolest super hero ever 🙂

  37. Chris Says:

    Well, I think this is all quite fantastic. Someone posted your Hobbit house on The Miniatures Page today and I popped on in for a look. Please don’t apologize for any changes you made to accommodate space and other constraints. Ah, where was a wonderful woman like you when I was younger?! You and I actually share some of the same hobbies, while I didn’t do 40K, I did do Epic 40K and other GW stuff, I happen to be a guitar player too and along the line I made it to 4th degree black belt. Cheers from San Antonio, Texas!


  38. Burkhard Says:

    Wow… a real labour of love and work of art!!!

  39. david Says:

    Maddie, this is an amazing work, congratulations.

    I just thought you might like to know that your house has been featured at Deviant Art as part of Project Educate Week. Here is a link to the journal feature –

    …you have members there asking for more pics and I have pointed them back to this blog.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      ooo thanks David – I am honoured 🙂 I did try to reply on Deviant Art but apparently I had to register and it’s right in the middle of dinner time so will do later!

  40. Carey Says:

    I just found your blog and I wanted to say that this is incredible.

    I spent many years making scenery for 28mm and 15mm wargaming – so I recognise many of your techniques and materials – and this is quite simply one of the best pieces I’ve ever seen.

    The sheer attention to detail and the obvious amount of work involved is truly remarkable. Beautiful and inspirational – I will have to show this to my daughter, she is developing a keen fondness for Hobbits.

  41. Ed Obermeyer-Kolb Says:

    Fantastic job on the model of Bag End. I bet you would do a great job making Prancing Pony or Rivendale. Really enjoyed looking at all detailed photos.

  42. john paul Says:

    hey would you mind telling me what you used to make the grass?

  43. Carl Says:

    You’re masterpiece caught up my attention. I am so amazed with your own version of the Hobbit Hole. What are you studying to learn to do those awesome ideas? I wonder how you made that very beautiful. . . I’m a fan

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      hiya – I am not studying anything Carl (I work part time in IT support and the rest of the time I am a full time mum to twins) I have just taught myself as I went along

      • Carl Says:

        You are so creative and artistic! I’m looking forward to make my own version of the Hobbit Hole.! Thanks 🙂

  44. Mary-Georgiana Says:

    The house is really wonderful !!! You should be really good at art to do something like this. But it is a house from the film, not from the book. In the book there was a long corridore.

  45. Pierre Joyal Says:

    My girl friend told me today “She wants a Hobbit Hole”. I was sooo glad to see your version. I was researching and trying to make design sketches from the movie and wondered how the heck i was going to do this., Your site will help me alot and I see it does not have to be complicated.

  46. Debbie Says:

    Hello, your hobbit hole is amazing. So well made. I would like to try my hand at this (not that I will be able to make it as nice). I wanted to find out if you could tell me what the height of the walls are and also the height and width of the windows and doors?

  47. Carroll the Irishman Says:

    Hi Maddie
    I’m back again enjoying your “How I Did It” You’re in the wrong business. You should be hooked with to film and TV. Yes, Mother first but, you have a skill and an obvious love for what you do so, if you haven’t already been approached at least leave the option open. I came back to see if I ever got a reply about a book or books with pictures of the Shire from the movie. Bilbo’s Hole and the Shires Inn where Sam’s eventual wife works or whatever it was called?? I’ve forgotten. Again, I LOVE your work and I believe it’s a direct reflection of who you are as a woman and in my book, you’re outstanding. Tell that husband of yours that he shouldn’t ever give you a hard time about anything because you’ve got men around the world who think alot of you. Hahahaha. Okay forget that part but, we do love ya’ and any Hobbit, Man, Elve, Dwarf or Wizard would tell you the same. I look forward to The Prancing Pony.

  48. Jen Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful! You did an awesome job and the detail is awesome!

  49. Brian Kampschroer Says:

    Ms. Maddie, Ma’am:

    The high density foam we use here in the States for almost all scale modelling, and in my case specifically for model railroading, is a type of board insulation used in the building trades, specifically to insulate houses and industrial buildings. Here it does come in blue or pink, depending upon the manufacturer, and is relatively inexpensive, at least compared to L200!
    I believe a 4′ x 8′ sheet, 1″ thick, sells for around $15, or about 11pounds at the last exchange rate I saw. It is available easily in our bigger hardware stores and in builders’ supply stores. It can be cut, sanded, stacked, glued, shaved, carved and shaped into almost anything.
    I hope this helps. If you cannot find any around Chesterfield, let me know and I will get some here and ship it to you. Your modelling is way too fantastic to suffer from lack of quality materials!

  50. Susan Fredrick Says:

    I believe all the expressions of astonishment and admiration and congratulations have been said by people all over the globe, but I couldn’t deny you one more.
    I’m so impressed and delighted with your talent and skill and vision. I too built a dollhouse over a year’s time as tribute to my mother and our family history, and appreciate the loving dedication it takes. My husband and I are great LOTR fans as well and once read the entire Hobbit and Lord of the Rings Trilogy aloud with a gathering of friends over a period of months, meeting once a week. A memorable time. Your work has brought a moment of joy to many….you should be very proud. An artist could hardly ask for more. Best wishes to you for a lifetime of creative pursuits!

  51. danamt Says:

    I would love to see the blueprints you used to make this thing of beauty! It’s good to know that detail is still important in the world. Lovely work!!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:


      Thanks! I didn’t use any blue prints – all just came out of my imagination. I did a few rough sketches but it was literally a rectangle on a piece of paper divided into 6 so that just went in the bin.

  52. Daisy Says:

    I love all your “secrets”. I love your Hobbit Hole! I’ve thought of making a dollhouse HH for years before I saw what you did with yours and I am so “jealous”. I wish I could make one of my own, but alas, it would be a very expensive project, and I have no real place to put it. But I still love looking at yours. It is a wonderful work of art and love, and the only thing missing are the Hobbits themselves.

    Daisy 8^)

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks Daisy! I did actually buy a few hobbit action figures from ebay, but they were all battle figures and had such serious faces, they didn’t look right sat in the comfort of Bag End!!!

  53. Vanlal Says:

    The house is lovely and your attention to detail is extraordinary. But I can’t help feeling that the Hall needs a war-like golf club in memory of old Bullroarer Took. 🙂

  54. mauri walton Says:

    Greetings Maddie~!!

    As i posted on the Doll’s House Emporium site.. your work is extraordinary and absolutely stunning~!!! & i wish you could bring it to the US! Any chance of that?

    Also, where can i see your other projects? I thought i saw a mention of a new project.. The Prancing Pony? but i can’t locate the link.

    Again~!! Just absolutely fabulous, stunning work!! thank you!!

    Kindest regards & best wishes!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Mauri

      Thanks for your lovely comment. No chance of bringing it to the US unfortunately!! If I visit family in the states, I will have my twin boys with me and they are more than anough to handle lol
      The Prancing Pony is nowhere near finished – at a standstill at the moment because I am just not feeling the same ‘magic’ I think I need to choose a different project to be honest because it is looking too much like a standard dolls house, which does not really interest me! that is the link to my general blog where you can see how far I got with it (not very far at all!!)

  55. Puppenspielerin Says:


    eine fantastisch schöne Arbeit !!!

    Viele Grüße aus Deutschland

  56. Светлана Says:

    Спасибо,огромное за доставленное удовольствие от просмотра Вашей работы. Она великолепна!!!!!!!!!! У Вас золотые руки. Извините,что не по-английски,но я плохо знаю его. Спасибо ещё раз!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Я использовал Google Translator перевести свой комментарий – спасибо! Я также использовал Google переводчик отправить это ответить вам – вероятно, не имеет особого смысла, но я старался!

      Thank you for giving great pleasure of viewing your work. She is gorgeous !!!!!!!!!! You have golden hands. Sorry, not in English, but I do not know much of it. Thanks again!

  57. Maite Says:

    Soy aficionada y admiradora de las miniaturas y me ha gustado mucho esta original casa.
    Un abrazo

  58. lacy Says:

    Marvelous! Beautiful!

    I must know though – pray tell – is there a wine cellar?

  59. Kyle Says:

    will you marry me?

  60. Craig Says:

    Hi Mad’s.

    Like you I have been passionate and hypnotised by the world of Tolkien since first reading The Hobbit and then LOTR as a child. I was amazed at the level of detail that you have achieved with your Hobbit Hole. I’m reading the LOTR once again at the moment (Frodo, Sam, Merry & Pippin reaching the Shire again after the destruction of the Ring) and as you say, each time you read it, it offers more and more. Good luck in the future and if aardman animations ever see your work, I’m sure you would get a first class job.
    The world Tolkien describes in his books really does exist. It exists in all the Hobbit & LOTR fans imagination. Thanks for adding a little bit more to it’s reality.

    Best Wishes


  61. Anastasia Says:

    It’s wonderful!
    I’m from Russia and I’m a LOTR fan like you.
    Here’s my doll house
    It’s a copy of the traditional russian house.

  62. Luca Says:

    Hi Mads:

    First thing is sorry about my english. I write from Spain. We do an on-line
    free magazine, and would be honored to display in the magazine the splendid work you have done with the house of Hobbyt. The next issue comes out in January.
    I leave you the link to the magazine.

    I await your response.
    Thank you very much for your attention.


    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Luca

      Your english is great! (and much better than my spanish!!) You are more than welcome to put the hobbit house in your magazine (would you mind putting a link in it to my blog?)

      thanks ever so much

  63. Pat Says:

    FANTASTIC!!! I love it! I love it! I love it!

    My grandaughter and I are in the process of building and furnishing a dolls house together and this is such inspiration to us. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your idea’s.

  64. Denver Says:

    Very nice.

    I seem to remember something about long hallways with lots of pantries.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks – yep I know that the layout is different to Tolkien’s description – if you scroll down to the bottom of the finished interior photos there is a paragraph or two explaining why I didn’t do this 🙂

  65. Richard Bromley Says:

    Fantastic model ..seriously impressed!

    Interesting to see how you made it, particularly the foam technique for shaping the exterior. The quality and detail is incredible.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Thanks Richard! and I was sure I recognised your name when I read comment – seen your stall at Miniatura a couple of times and had already decided to buy from your website for my next project (I will be needing roof tiles for ‘The Prancing Pony’ and yours look spot on for what I need so you can expect an order from me in the next few months 🙂

      • Richard Bromley Says:

        Hi Maddie, I’d be very pleased to supply the roof tiles for your next project. Have you tried our brick compound? I can send you a sample to try if you’re interested.

      • Maddie Chambers Says:

        Hi Richard – sorry only just seen this comment in the spam folder (not sure why it did that!) Not tried the brick compound yet although I saw it on the website. I like the look of the stone finish ones. Give me a few months to finish the frame of the prancing pony and then will email you about the compound.

  66. Synestra Says:

    Waw this is amazing. Good job! This requires a lot of due diligence. You are in sport. excellent work.

  67. Marianne Pateman Says:

    Just wonderful and you are so generous with your explanations on how you made the things. Your children and very lucky. You have inspired me to try a project of recreating my home of so many years and which I will now have to leave. Thank you.

  68. MarieAnge Says:

    Your work is being recognised worldwide Maddie.

    Being a huge LoTR fan, your beautiful recreation of Bag End captured my imagination.

    I had to blog about it and shared with everyone, friends & family.


    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Angel

      thanks a lot!! I love what you have written on your blog – feel free to take off the ‘used without permission’ bit on the photos – I don’t mind in the slightest.

  69. MarieAnge Says:

    Absolutely amazing!
    I understood what you meant about worrying that the movie version of Bag End would not match the one in your imagination. And then, seeing it exactly how you pictured it in the movie! I cried from pure happiness.

    I’ve dabbled in miniature dollhouses in the past so completely understand how frustrating it can be at time. But you persevered and created a one of a kind item. A beautiful legacy for your boys.

    Looking forward to seeing The Prancing Pony project completed.

  70. Erica Says:

    This is simply one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. Congratulations!

  71. Jennings Cunningham Says:

    Truly beautiful. Such a work can only be a labor of love. Your dedication and talent are truly admirable. Thank you for sharing your wonderful work over the web.

  72. Legatus Hedlius Says:

    What a wonderful creation! You are a modeller of rare talent!

    As regards high density foam I had the same issue. No DIY shops sell it but you can get it from Wargames Heaven in Brighton.

  73. Vixen Darkfairy Says:

    Someone from my LOTR Online kinship posted a link to your page on The Gathering of Laurelin. May I just say that is the most amazing miniature sculpture I’ve ever seen? Every detail is stunning — especially the collectibles on the shelves, which really make the dollhouse look lived in! Truly impressive!

    Oh, and I recreate the clothing from the Peter Jackson films to cosplay with The Arms of Middle Earth, so I don’t think you’re a geek at all… LOL

  74. Christy Says:

    This is pretty much the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen.
    It’s simply gorgeous. If I were The Indian in the Cupboard, I’d move in immediately.

    I’m not sure of which I’m more envious:
    Your creation or your creative spark.

    Beautiful, beautiful work.
    From one LOTR nerd to another.

  75. 0z0n Says:

    Wow! It’s amazing! I made a news and photo-gallery about it, on my web-site:

    The post is on a russian language =)

  76. Mik Says:

    Impressive indeed and I will post about this on my blog and add your link, my grand kids would love this.

  77. Sigmar Says:

    Awe inspiring and world class !

    Well done Maddie, what a terrific achievement. I’ve shared some of your photos with my blog readers (we’re mainly Warhammer people but I thought they’d be interested in your amazing recreation of Bag End).

    Bilbo Baggins would have been proud 🙂


  78. Rob Says:

    Great work!
    I work at” Cuppa Coffee Animation’ , and am Head Set Builder and just happened to see your set on a unrelated internet search. Very impressive! if you are ever in Toronto, Canada and are at a loose ends, e-mail me and I’ll set up a tour of our studio’s
    How long did it take?
    Rob White

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks Rob! I have friends who live in Toronto and before I had the twins, I used to visit them in the summer, so next time I visit I will definitely email you! Toronto is one of my favourite places in the world – fantastic place!
      it took a year to build but I could only work on it a couple of hours a night when the babies went to bed. Plus this was not every night as I have plenty of other interests!

  79. Ed Says:

    Regarding the foam. I saw some online videos since first reading your blog. This one looked appropriate: “Model Railroad Scenery using Extruded Foam.”

    The guy is a scale railroad builder and uses rigid foam board. I don’t make models, but I know I can inexpensively buy pink or blue sheets here (US) in 4′ x 8′ sizes, in varying thicknesses, at any decent home hardware store. Maybe the model railroad builders in your area can help.

  80. Phyllis Wheeler Says:

    Wow, is all I can say!!!
    Wondering what Fimo is…

  81. Sheng-ji Says:

    Wow!!! This is a beautiful and truely amazing model you have made, I absolutely love it! I have a similar history with Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit to you, my mother was one of Tolkens nurses, and he had given her a copy of several books including those two and my Mum used to read them to me every night, until I was old enough to read them to her!! Now, every spring time (and some autumn times), I am inspired to read it again, I must have read it well over 15 times in my life, probably many more! Like you also, I was pleasantly surprised at how sensitively the films treated the material, which can’t be said for all blockbuster adaptations!! Anyway, I have recently had a son of my own and sadly become a single father but several of the things which make my life easier day to day are the positive themes explored by Tolken in his books.

    Like you I also used to play Warhammer and have found that Games Workshop also produce a game based on Lord of the Rings, so I have started creating some of the more inspirational scenes and landscaped to play out my own game version of the books! Sad and making my friends despair of me, well yes, of course, but somehow I think you will understand!!!

    So thank you for your wonderful project, you have got my creative juices flowing and I hope you won’t mind me pilfering some idea’s!!!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Wow your mum was one of Tolkien’s nurses!!! What a claim to fame!! Do you still have the books that he gave to your mum? And what a story to be able to tell your son when he gets older ‘your grandma KNEW Tolkien’ The films did an excellent job – my particular favourites were Bag End, the Balrog, Gollum and the mouth of sauron which was particularly horrifying! There were only a few niggles that I have with the movies (Arwen rescuing frodo from the black riders instead of Glorfindel/Gandalf, Elijah wood as frodo, the elves didn’t look ‘elvish’ enough for me but I guess using human actors is going to cause this!) I can overlook these issues though and appreciate the movie as a whole.

      I absolutely DO understand making the dioramas of LOTR and yes my friends despair of me too but I know there are other like-minded people out there who just smile to themselves and say ‘think what you want I am happy and lord of the rings kicks ass – you just don’t understand!’

      Pilfer away my friend – if I have inspired people in any way then that is an achievement for me 🙂

      • Sheng-ji Says:

        My mum still has the books, though they’re pretty beaten up! They will always be very special to her, and me of course, and possibly my little man one day!

        I have to say not just Bag End, but the whole of Hobbiton as Gandalf was riding in on his cart was very special to me, I grew up in a village in Cornwall and it reminds me of home (as was) whenever I see it, from the children running down the roads, the local characters with their little quirks, the road between the two hedgerows, the beautiful scenery really strikes a chord with me!

        I thought they did a great job with Weathertop too, when the hobbits peer over the edge and the Nazgul are sweeping through the mist, sends shivers down my spine every time I see it!

        Moria and the Balrog are favorite scenes of mine, with the exception of the bit where Aragorn and Frodo lean to tip that massive piece of masonry towards the rest of the stairs, in fact that whole jumping scene was only rescued by Gimli and his “Not the Beard” bit!

        The wizards battle and Orthanc turning from a beautiful place to an industrial city is another of my favourites too, though I wish we saw more of it before the orcs tore up the gardens and the trees!

        Helms Deem was another scene I particularly enjoyed and the sacred pool where Faramir captured Gollum and Rivendell of course… I could go on and on!!!

        I do understand most of the niggly points I find with it, I know that they wanted to develop Arwens character when she rescued Frodo and I know why they cut Tom Bombadil, but part of me wishes they had used the extended version to put him back in! I think they captured the serious side of the elves very well, I especially like Hugo Weaving as Elrond (an unpopular opinion I know!) but I think they missed their playful side, if I hadn’t read the books, I would wonder how such serious folk could create such beauty like Rivendell and Lothlórien (though the forest wasn’t as amazing as I’d hoped either) I can absolutely overlook these things though, such minor niggles in such an amazing piece of cinema!

        I’ve created a blog to track my scenery creation progress, my first task is to create a hill and some trees! I’m going to start simply and build up to Weathertop! I’m looking forward to seeing the Prancing Pony, have you started yet?

      • Maddie Chambers Says:

        i agree with all of your comments about re. favourite scenes. I can understand why they made arwen more of a major character for the movies – i think that was my one and only niggle with the books – that arwen was a very minor character, and then suddenly she showed up to marry Aragorn. My main issue with the arwen vs dark riders bit in the movie was when she stands there and shouts out ‘if you want him, come and claim him’ – it was pure hollywood cheese lol
        Yes I have started the Prancing pony – most of the shell is built (will post pics later on my other blog, floor of the basement is started and I am just making a rough draft of the Sign that hangs outside as I speak (it is in the oven)

  82. PrimoKimo Says:

    “Friendly Says: Sorry, I am conducting a social experiment. ‘
    yea I am sorry you are conducting a social experiment too.
    I call bulls#!t. go away and stay away, negativity spreader.

  83. Friendly Says:

    Sorry, I am conducting a social experiment. Just to see how many people would defend a total stranger, with whom they have never met or have had any history with. It is an astounding response in her defence. Amazing result for my thesis.

    I personally love her and her work. Even with the use of the alias “Friendly” not one single person picked up on the experiment or even came close to realising that “Friendly” could not be for real.

    Thanks again, and sorry Maddie for using you for this experiment — but I could past this opportunity up.

    Thanks to everyone — tremendous result.

  84. Emma Says:

    Oh Wow! that is amazing! You are very very talented :):)

  85. PrimoKimo Says:

    “Greetz from Vienna”
    I think that’s a Hobbitt starch. Kinda like grits.
    Gawsh. with i knew all the in tolkein lingo…

  86. troy Says:

    wooowww… it´s great!!!!

  87. hyade Says:

    Wow! That’s…. that’s…. no word, just…


    Greetz from Vienna, Europe,

  88. Emmaly74 Says:

    Absolutely wonderful! What a remarkable attention to detail and superb craftsmanship. The pictures are fantastic and I loved reading how you made it. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  89. GM Raphi Says:

    I just tweeted about this, and I adore it! ❤ Beautiful, detailed work. You could do something Elven from Lord of the Rings next if you're looking for a new project, your talent with fantasy settings is amazing!

  90. Derek Christman Says:

    This is awesome! and that you did it in a term is purely phenomenal. Wonderful work, and thanks for sharing it!

  91. Sally Says:

    OMG I’m totally in awe of your beautiful handy work!
    I’ve been making my own dolls house food but my partner made fun of it and said it was rubbish!
    I especially like all the floors and textile furnishings you are extremley talented.

    Who cares if the rooms aren’t exactly as they are on the film, makes me want to start a similar project :0)

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks Sally
      IGNORE your partner – all i got for months from mine was incredulous looks, eyes rolling and comments like ‘the walls aren’t even’, ‘is THAT how you are going to do it???’
      Now I have got the finished product, he has had to eat his words and admit it’s ‘not bad’

      I think some people have less vision than others – stick at your mini food I am sure it isn’t rubbish at all.

  92. buzz Says:

    Incredible! Wonderful work!

  93. Douglas Says:

    Dear god that’s stunning!

  94. Primo Kimo Says:

    ” but I’m afradi to say Bagend is as follows:”‘
    again with the haters! Jeez; there’s no pleasing some people.
    Poorman, I’m afraid…. yer no worthy to gaze upon Maddie’s blog. goway.

  95. Holly Says:

    This is absolutely gorgeous!! Incredible work!

  96. POORMAN Says:

    Really cool, but I’m afradi to say Bagend is as follows:

    Drawn by the man himself.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      yes I know – I am a hardcore Tolkien fan so have of course seen his pictures of Bag End. However I do not have the room in my house for a dolls house on this scale, so modified it.
      When I have a huge house (lol) I might get round to making one this large but I doubt that’s going to happen any time soon, and I bet people would still tell me I’d got things wrong – o well can’t please all of the people all of the time

  97. Andy Says:

    I exposed myself as a geek a long time ago – although it comes to no surprise to those that know me. However, I do hope you’ll take it in humor the fact that I proposed to you on Facebook. Your dedication, perseverance, knowledge and (obviously) skill are exactly what what anyone would want in a partner. Your husband and children should be so lucky.
    I grew up listening to The Hobbit on album with a comic book built into the sleeve, my 6th grade teacher reading it to us as well as having an in-class performance for the younger grades by his students. It wasn’t until I was a little older that I read the trilogy – and continue to read it every few years. The movies were amazing and was equally as into those as the books. I even understood where they left out some scenes and characters such as Tom Bombadil.

    I am a bit of an artist myself (or I should say I draw very well), and as far as 3D have only done a couple clay busts. What you have done is simply mind-blowing. From the knowledge to the craftmanship to the detail. I hope you know how special your work is. I want to thank you for your love and you craft, wish you the best going forward, and will share this with as many geek friends as possible.

    – Andy
    I'm a geek

  98. Annie Says:

    Your work is amazing, you are a truly talented artist, thankyou for sharing this with the rest of us.

    A note to Friendly: So sorry to hear that you are incapable of multi-tasking, for us Mother’s who are also artists, we usually take very good and loving care of our babies all day, and work on our hobbies/art late into the night! Are we to assume you also do not have a job? I only ask because according to your own words, a parent cannot do anything other than be a parent or they are complete failures! Or worse, maybe you actually hate your own kids and are looking for somewhere else to put the blame, unwilling to take responsibility for your own shortcomings! Perhaps it is the ultimate crime against all parents everywhere, perhaps you are not even a parent, and have no idea of which you speak, perhaps you are just out to do as much dammage as possible to another human being! Whichever of these may be the case, I can tell you with no remorse that it is you who needs medical attention, you are definitely the one with the mental imbalance, if any here where to heed your words, most of the beautiful art in the world would cease to be produced! You are more than a nut, you are ignorant!

  99. JFS in IL Says:

    WOW!!!! Amazing!!!! Wish I had your talent! Wonder how much $$$ a certain LOTR director might offer you for this if he sees this website!!! But I am pretty sure you’d never sell it!!


  100. DickGently Says:

    Talk about amazing!! I just love this. Your attention to detail is totally awsome. It looks so cozy and warm, I wish I was small enough to actually live in it. You are super talented.

  101. Sandy Says:

    Absolutely breathtaking!! I have no doubt your children will be calling on you to help them when it’s time for those school-project dioramas!! 🙂

    You have every right to be proud of this piece ~ it belongs in a museum.

  102. Friendly Says:

    Be sure to send the two children to therapy. Mum is a compulsive disorder nut , apparently dad has not reigned in the absentee mother or maybe dad is absentee and child services probably need to have a talk to you. You cant possibly be taking care of the kids. And everyone applauds you… What a screwed up world where fruit cakes get praised and real mothers get a tin of cookies on mothers day. No applause here. Wake up to your self. The greatest asset you have is those kids. Not this life distraction. You will pay a price for this, don’t let anyone tell you different and stop feeling good about yourself, you hate your kids…..

    • PrimoKimo Says:

      wow. that is the most un Friendly post i have seen in a long time. go take care of yer own life, unfriendly joik. Obviously alotta problems in the mind of someone who can create such a poisonous post.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Sigh there’s always one. If you had bothered to read the about me link or in fact any of my blog you would see that Tolkien means zero to me compared to my sons. I’m guessing (hoping) you don’t have children because negativity on your level should not be passed on.

      Sent from my HTC

    • Kate Says:

      Friendly – Real” mothers don’t have to be boring, judgmental, selfless slaves to their children. Real mothers nurture, inspire, educate, and don’t expect lavish gifts for mother’s day. If you had bothered to read Maddies blog you’d learn that she worked on the miniature a few hours a day esp. while her twins were sleeping. If she had actually neglected her kids, it wouldn’t have taken her a year or so to complete. Your comment was totally unwarranted not to mention rude as hell.

    • Ellen Says:

      Wow ! She obviously has issues.

      Obviously, don’t pay any attention to such utter drivel. Your project is breathtaking; your children are fortunate indeed to have a Mom of your many talents. Best wishes in your future endeavors.

    • Jim Rosado Says:

      Dear “Friendly” I think your name is very ironic wouldn’t you say. I myself do not know Maddie but I would venture to say that it was a horrible thing that you said in regard to her being a bad or negligent mother. Why? Because she chose to make something beautiful and share it with her family and the world. What she has created by her own hand is a reflection of the beauty of her inner soul and her children are fortunate to have such a mother

    • JFS in IL Says:

      You, unFriendlyone, are a friutcake.

    • JFS in IL Says:

      I mean, really. You think a parent taking a few hours a day to do something she enjoys is bad??? What about parents who knit/scrapbook/jog/WORK?

      A parent with a interest outside of the kids is a healthier, better parents.

      JFS – mom of TWINS (now 18), and two non-twins. 4 in all. I know of what I type, here.

    • Deva Says:

      Wow Friendly, wonder how much time you negleted your children by typing that wonderfuly insightful message.

  103. Mark Bult Says:

    Truly beautiful, astounding work. Well done!

  104. J.L brown Says:

    Thats soo coolAbout how much did it cost?

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      really not sure – everything i bought was bits and bobs here and there spread across the year. The most expensive bit was the lighting which cost about £80 oh and the flooring which was about the same.

  105. PrimoKimo Says:

    “yours is the one I would use most in real life” and the only one you can utter in mixed company.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      true – my friend and I had a dare to use the word ‘nerdgasm’ in our general conversation with people the following day.
      we both chickened out – she was at work and the only people I met were some prospective tenants and I didn’t want to scare them off lol!!

  106. sjf1969 Says:

    I love everything about this…you are fantastic and creative. I LOVE the pantry and all the fireplaces. When I was little – my Mom read The Hobbit to me at bedtime…and I would always dream about Bilbo’s home…
    thank you!

  107. Joanna Says:

    What a labor of love! These pictures just made my day so happy. 🙂 Now I want to just want to curl up with my Lord of the Rings books all over again, and escape to Middle Earth….after peanut butter and jelly for the three kiddos…oh well. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  108. lolyta Says:

    wow so cute!!!!! te quedo sorprendente, mis amigas quedaron con ganas de tenerla!! esta cute tu blog..

  109. Primo Kimo Says:

    I didn’t care about hobbits before. but I do now.

    “the bottles are beads”
    absolutely Charmius!

    (Charming and genius)

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks!! I have learnt 3 new words now in the past couple of weeks from people’s comments – nerdgasm, geekgasm and charmius – yours is the one I would use most in real life lol

  110. Amalia Bastos (from Brazil) Says:

    Wow, just wow. I saw a post on Twitter about this and came rushing to see. Your work is just amazing. I am completely out of words over here.
    I am a huge Tolkien fan myself, love all of his books (or at least most of them, there are a few I haven’t read yet) and really admire people like you who will keep the tradition going. Tolkien himself wanted his books and Middle Earth to be the future folklore of the UK, and it is thanks to people like you that this is becoming more and more of a reality every day.
    Please do keep on working on these projects and I will keep checking – I have bookmarked your blog.
    Thank you for doing this,

  111. Dolnor Numbwit Says:

    Check with this company. They are located in Cardiff, UK. They should be able to help you find what you need.

  112. Tiny Shire | Thersic Says:

    […] File this one under nerdy hobbies (I mean that in the best way, of course).  I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of time that went into recreating Bilbo Baggin’s Hobbit Hole, and in miniature form no less!  You can see all the finished details on the artist’s site HERE.  What’s really amazing though is pictures of it in process HERE. […]

  113. LORI Says:

    Your work is amazing I cannot believe the detail you put into this it is a spitted image of Bilbo’s Hobbit Hole from the movie I am sure Peter Jackson would be very Impressed great job can’t wait to see more..

  114. Juliana Says:

    Hi, I’m making my first scale model for college (a loft) and I was totally freaked out about it, but seeing these pictures and reading about how you did all that really helped me out. :b
    It’s totally amazing what you did!! 😀
    I really wanna see your next project 🙂

  115. centaur_80 Says:

    what a lovely house u made. i love tolkein’s LTR and bilbao baggin’s house and the shire and the middle earth..u have an unique talent. i grew up with architectural models and u just have a natural knack for it..i admire ur work and dedication! fantastic job!!!

  116. Jen Says:

    Hi, as a mom of twins (and an old skool warhammer player / modeler) I have a huge amount of love for what you’ve done 🙂 And aren’t twins the best!

  117. raziel317 Says:

    That’s utterly amazing, the commitment it take to do something like that amazes me. I have the attention of…hmm shinny…sorry gnat, I could never imagine being able to achieve something so utterly cool.

  118. Elderac Says:

    This is very beautiful. I admire your craftsmanship and dedication to the task.

  119. J.L brown Says:

    OMG this is SOOO cool
    I was wondering if i could make one for a school project I would put that it was your idea

  120. Terri Schmoyer Says:

    Love your Hobbit house…do you have the dimensions of this particular project….the room sizes etc….I would love to do something similiar…thank you for the inspiration!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      the frame is 50cm by about 40cm (just the rooms without the hill) so you would need to divide that by 3 across and 2 up (to get the room sizes)

      hope this helps!

  121. Gareson Says:

    I’d love to know more about your flowers. You mentioned FlowerSoft in your post but I seem to see small sunflowers and roses as well- how did you make those? I’d love more info on those- beautiful model!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      the sunflowers were left over card toppers that I got years and years ago (my mum might have sent them from USA!) I just cut them down a bit because they were too large.
      The roses are made by punching tiny hearts out of thin paper (I buy craft border punches – lots of valentines borders have tiny hearts in them) the hearts are approx 5mm across when punched out and you glue them around the top of a piece of floristry wire. Each heart is a petal so you need about 6 hearts per rose and then curl out the edges when the glue is dry.

  122. Friday Five: Welcome to the Shire. « Small Town Girl Says:

    […] enough to describe it. It is a beautiful piece of work, and as a bonus, she even shows you how she made the model on her blog. Be sure to check it out, because I’m insanely jealous and wish I had an ounce of […]

  123. Vanessa Says:

    You’re soooo talented,I’m amazed by your work,you are a great inspiration,thank you so much for sharing it!!!!
    You could work with stop-motion!!!
    : D

  124. Wendy Says:

    Hopefully this link will take you to the foam you need on the B & Q website.

    I loved looking at all the pictures, and am in awe of your patience!!!

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      thanks Wendy – I actually tried to use some of that expanding foam that my partner had left over from some DIY jobs – I sprayed some on a piece of wood, thought ‘this is crap’ and sprayed a load more (i didn’t read the instructions – I work in IT so I never read the manuals lol)

      if i HAD read the instructions, I would have known that the stuff balloons to like 10 times its size – I came back to the incredible blob monster in my kitchen! It sticks beyond all removal and I ruined a set of my clothes, several towels, the twins’ wellington boots and part of the floor…….

      my other half was not happy lol

  125. k Says:

    you are beautiful and so this amazing work.

    sincere congratulations

  126. Charlene Says:

    This is amazing…what an accomplishment. I am starting a book on the Visonary Home..(you have done it here). how did you feel doing all this? ….it is sooooooo magical…


    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Hi Charlene
      I LOVED doing it – I would literally lie awake for hours at night imagining what I was going to do and how. As I saw it progress, I just wanted to shrink myself and live in it lol!

  127. Leilani Says:

    WOW! This is AMAZING!! You are amazing!

    You did a fantastic job with everything.

    I love it!

  128. Modesto Says:

    I just can say one thing:



  129. Morgan Says:

    Hi, Maddie~

    First of all, that is absolutely fascinating and fabulous work. My fiancee and I spent an hour just exclaiming over the amazing detail. Second, I think the foam-stuff you’re looking for is actually an aerosol pipe insulation- over in the US, the brand name is “Great Stuff.” It comes out of the can the same sort of pale-ish yellow, then swells to twice it’s size and dries. (Sidenote, if you take on another project, there’s different kinds, one that stays flexible, and one that gets about 4x as big as it comes out of the can as well) Pretty common around most hardware stores. Check doors and windows, building materials or the paint department, they’ll sometimes have it in around the caulking, or, in my store at least, you can practically find it down every aisle.

    I wish you all the best in your future projects, feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions- I paint Warhammer (40k) models myself. 🙂

    Thanks again for sharing your amazing work with us!

  130. Janzu77 Says:

    Incredible model, i like the grass and stone stuff.
    and all the details are great.

  131. Anne Says:

    Hi Maddie. I’m a journalist with CNET in the U.S. I’m writing a story about your amazing creation for our Crave blog and would like to get permission to run a few photos on our site and ask you a few questions. Please contact me when you have a moment. Thanks!

  132. Norma Says:

    I’m speechless! And trust me that happens about once a century LOL, this is truly amazing, full of so many wonderful details it’s impossible to take it all in in one ‘look’ – now that I have your blog on my favourites I’ll be back for more – and more – and more!!!!

    Thanks for giving Allison (Miniature Allsorts blog) permission to publish a few photos and tell us about your project – I would hate to have missed it!

  133. daisy brambletoes Says:

    I’m going to link this blog to my website. Yes indeed, Smaug’s lair would be interesting, but you might want to do the Prancing Pony inn first. So many possibilities there.

  134. Gutenberg Says:

    hello I from São Paulo, Brazil and also I am one greande fan of Lord of rings … I am without words to describe its work… CONGRATULATIONS

  135. lizzie Says:

    hi Mads! Wow! you’re on ToRn!! I’m not surprised.Your Bag End is a work of art!My efforts at Bag End replication are pitiful in comparison with yours but I’d be pleased to show you some pics if you like.You can find me on facebook.I’m a terrible techno-phobe but if you put in a friend request i think i could handle

  136. lisaloo Says:

    I am stunned! what a talent you have! my little sister used to make fimo things?! she now is a wargamer, and loves painting minatures! must be something in your makeup! ha! she had a real talent for making them sooooo small like you, just brilliant have sent this to all i know, well done!
    i have never seen the likes, its great!
    lisaloo in the uk xx

  137. daisy brambletoes Says:

    Now that is a magnificent miniature of Bag End! Wow! Wowee wow! I wish I had the time, the money and the space to create something like that. You are to be congratulated and praised from the top of Minas Tirith’s spires to the deepest hole in the Shire!

  138. Anjo_Z Says:

    Greetings from Brazil, we loved your work 🙂

  139. Sonny Says:

    this is really neat im gonna try to make somthin like this

  140. Luci Says:

    (Brazil! XD)

  141. Priscila - São Paulo/Brasil Says:

    Extraordinary! Never seen anything like it. So gently, it’s perfect! I love the work
    Tolkien’s and was thrilled to see such dedication!

  142. Priscila - São Paulo/Brasil Says:

    Extraordinário!!! Nunca vi nada parecido. Tanta delicadeza, é perfeito!!! Amo a obra do Tolkien e ao ver tanta dedicação fiquei emocionada!!!

  143. Dewes Says:

    Where is all the gold! The legends tell about lots and lots of gold! That damn hobbit must be hidding it!

  144. Modeler Says:

    When I first saw your fantastic work I thought OMG! I want to marry her! it’s funny reading the comments that I wasn’t the only one, maybe cooking is not the only way to a mans heart!

    thanks for sharing your project,

    A professional model builder from the US.

  145. Sophie Lagacé Says:

    Fantastic work. I’m not surprised that you’re also a wargamer — my first thought was about getting a battle organized around this terrain! 🙂 This is absolutely gorgeous work and worth being proud. Also, excellent work on the photos.

  146. RicardolbSdA Says:

    wow, its very cool, you’ll put some miniatures of the hobbits there?
    … or smaug beholding trough the window?

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      see that’s one thing I know I can’t make (people/hobbits) when taking Life Drawing art classes I just couldn’t get the faces to express enough emotion for my liking. So it would be the same with trying to make model hobbits I think.
      The dragon is an interesting idea though – wonder if I could make Smaug’s cave and use one of my warhammer dragons that I haven’t painted yet!!???

      hmmmmmm ….. I’m liking this idea 🙂

  147. Tabletop Geeks » Blog Archive » Amazing Miniature Hobbit Hole Says:

    […] details on how she accomplished this so be sure to check that out! She’s even written up a work in progress post with details on how she put this all together. This piece is really an inspiration for any […]

  148. Denise in Virginia Says:

    Absolutely remarkable! I have just had the most fun looking and looking! I am building a quarter inch scale English cottage and in the process have met (online) the most amazingly friendly, helpful people-I have decided that people who do miniatures are in a class all by themselves. I cannot wait to see what you come up with for the occupants of your hobbit hole!

  149. Yell0w Says:

    Please marry me in your next life!

  150. Kathryn Albright Says:

    This is so wonderful! Loved it!

  151. Madrigorne Says:

    look on the internet for cans of “Great Stuff” I freaking love it for craftwork. Use gloves when workign with it and if you get it on you wash it off before it dries – it dries HARD – and is paintable, makes lovely organic shapes. Here’s a link to it on Amazon:

    In the absence of “high density foam”, you could also do layers of corrugated cardboard.

  152. Drego Says:

    This is such a cool project. You should have your own TV/ net TV show showing people how to do this.

    Wow, thanks for sharing you talent with us.

  153. Raf Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! The skill, talent and care that has gone into this is utterly staggering. I’ll never read The Hobbit quite the same way again.

  154. Crystal Says:

    Hi, I was looking at the pics of your creation and I thought it was very detailed and creative. I was also reading that you enjoyed the Lord of the RIngs series. I wanted to turn you onto another series or books that you would enjoy. The writer is Terry Goodkind and the first book is “The Sword of Truth.” Don’t read them out of order, it will confuse you. This is an amazing story told by one of the best storytellers I have ever read. You are so intrigued by his writing that it will take your breathe away. Believe me, you won’t be sorry. Oh yeah, don’t let the size of the books scare you, you will get so much into the book, you won’t be able to put them donw.

  155. Mark Harris Says:

    AMAZING! I’m blown away. You have awesome skills.

  156. Jon Says:

    Wow that is just amazing.
    Questions: are you single and if so, will you marry me?

  157. Sarah Says:

    Just seen this on the Telegraph website. Absolutely incredible. What an amazing piece of artwork. Congratulations.

  158. Akke Says:

    Mads amazing work!!!!!!!!Great job you’ve done,I love all the details in your project.
    It’s just how I see it in my eyes when I reed the hobbit,it’s realy a masterpiece.


  159. TXiong Says:

    Wow. Amazing work! I’m a big fan of the books and movies as well. You are very talented.

  160. Weaver Says:

    I saw this on the escapist and came here. I gotta say, I’ve been an amateur modeler for 10 years now and this is one of the most stunning, if not the most stunning, things I’ve ever seen!

    Fantastic work, I hope you are proud of it 🙂

  161. paulo Says:

    Amazing…fantastic…what can I say… congratulation from Portugal…and I hope we can see the hobbit movie very soon…best Paulo Pereira

  162. Freemon Says:

    Amazing work! Simply briliant! 😀

    About the foam, here in Portugal I can find on any drug store cans of expanding foam. It’s polyurethane foam used for insulation. If they don’t sell it in the UK then something is wrong with the world!

  163. sbminisguy Says:

    Wonderful!! Just fantastic, you’ve created a unique work of art with this — makes me want to pop over for a cup of tea in the ol’ Hobbit Hole!! If you haven’t yet done so, consider entering it into a doll house contest, it would certainly get great attention!!

  164. Thomas Whitten Says:

    I would like add to all the positive comments. That is simply gorgeous. And I agree it that it is very inspirational. I would very much like to do something similar for my Bree-Hobbition setup. (One needs to remove the two-story Tudors for it to be Hobbition. I have pictures here: ) I would do it on a smaller scale and I wouldn’t have the attention for detail that you clearly had. And mine wouldn’t turn out nearly as nice.

    Again, it is very lovely and thanks for sharing.


  165. Del Says:

    This is absolutely beautiful and a work from the heart I can see, its in all the loving details and the intricate fimo work – I adore the pantry – Bilbo would be proud of such a well stocked larder and your scruptuous foods. (I thought I saw a seed cake there) 😀 I adore it! It was a treat to read your blog and see how you made it, and then through and then take a tour of the finished project. A big Congratulations – what next? Minas Tirith? 😉

  166. Jason Says:

    Great job! For foam, most big home stores sell huge sheets of foam for insulation… they are very cheap and probably what you’re looking for. The foam is usually coloured blue or pink. The trick is finding sheets without foil or any type of backing.

    • Maddie Chambers Says:

      Thanks Jason!
      unfortunately home stores in UK don’t sell pink or blue foam anymore – believe me I’ve tried. What I need is Home Depot to open branches over here lol

      I think I’ve found an alternative though – aluminium foil which I can mould easily into different shapes then cover with plaster

      • Sam Says:

        Like everyone else I love the woork you’ve done.

        For foam I know a couple of folk who have ordered from

        I don’t know if their minimium order would be a bit big for you (they clubbed together to share one order)

  167. Rafael Semedo Says:

    That’s so incredible… Wish I had the talent to craft such things…

    Greetings from Brazil!

  168. esteluindunedain Says:

    This is the most amazing thing I’ve ever seen! You’ve done a wonderful job!!!!

  169. Mechtild Says:

    Let’s see if it will work this time: I tried to post a comment here last time but it wouldn’t send.

    This is fantastic, Mads. I wish the Weta people who worked on the miniatures (and bigatures) could see this. They’d appreciate like no others how much thought, work, skill and love you’ve poured into this.

  170. Mechtild Says:

    Mads, this is FANTASTIC. You are so, so talented and so skilled. I am speechless! I can’t even grasp how much work you’ve done on this, and how much love you’ve poured into it. I wish the Weta crew could see it, especially the team that worked on all the fabulous “bigatures” and miniatures. They’d be in awe at what you’ve been able to do, I’m betting.

  171. lizzie Says:

    hi mads. i absolutely love your miniature Bag End!! i’m also so glad to know that i’m not alone in my lotr obsession! i have a lifesize Bag End doorway complete with hobbit style cottage garden outside in our back garden.

  172. Sarah Says:

    OMG!!!!!! Maddie, it is fantastic. How on earth did you find the time to do it all and look after the boys? I only have Harry and hardly have time to nip to the loo!!!!!

    • madshobbithole Says:

      I wouldnt have had a chance in the first year hun trust me lol
      the most I managed to do in the first year was feed the boys, feed myself and watch lots of tv whilst feeding the boys!!!!!

  173. Helen Says:

    Absolutely incredible Mads! You are a true genius & an inspiration to us all. You should definitely go for it as a career – one talented lady!

  174. Vampyra Says:

    This is so beautiful it made me cry. I think you should pass this blog onto Peter Jackson for him to see. It is so perfect, I would expect Bilbo Baggins and Samwise to be walking in thru the door, and Gandalf sitting in a chair smoking his pipe, blowing smoke rings!!

    You are truly talented. No matter how much, do not ever sell it….it is a gift for your children and future generations.

    • madshobbithole Says:

      oh thanks ever so much!!! I just went onto Peter Jackson’s website and there was no ‘contact me button’ lol so I guess he will just have to live without it 🙂

      • Madrigorne Says:

        The law of six degrees says that someone will see it soon and bring it to his attention. So awesome.

  175. Katy Says:

    I said it before and I’ll say it again…AMAZING. Can’t believe over the past year you have made this with twins in the house! How did you do that?! WOW, it’s truely exceptional, glad you’ve shared it for all to see 🙂

  176. Steve Says:

    Looks totally fab and loved reading about how you made it. Amazing!

  177. Steve Says:

    Looks totally fab and loved reading about how you made it. Amazing!

  178. AmyM Says:

    Hi Mad’s, Dean will be SO honoured to see his name up there!! its fantastic by the way … want to come and finish my house??

  179. Pat (no top lip) Singleton Says:

    Bloody hell Mads, it’s incredible.
    You should be working on miniature film sets (it’s not all cgi).
    I can’t tell you how impressed and in awe I am.

  180. Diane Asensio Says:


    Such talent and creativity. Just wonderful!

  181. Paula/Mum/Nanny Says:

    Oh my dearest sweetest creative daughter. This is even more fabulous than I previously thought, you are so creative and patient and attentive to detail, I wonder who you get that from, not me that is for sure.

    Congratulations on a masterpiece!!

    Love you
    can I buy it from you?

  182. Tam Says:

    Hi Mad’s. I’ve just picked my jaw off the floor! Many congratulations on your blog, it is simply inspirational.
    Tam x

  183. ctd3exw Says:


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